The Bravoline Affiliate Program operates on the basis of a commission received from the sale of various online gambling products. Bravoline operates through its partners in the Affiliate Program. These Partners receive a lifetime portion of the profits earned from players in various online projects offered by Bravoline.

You get an Affiliate link and start attracting Players to the site. The accounts of the attracted Players are tied to your Affiliate account for life and the System will deduct to you a share of its commission from each played bet of the Player.

By becoming a member of the Bravoline affiliate program, you get a unique opportunity to use various promotional materials, and, of course, get a share of the profit received from the users you attracted.

You have the opportunity to register an unlimited number of your online resources under one Partner account. You can add additional resources, sub-partners, as well as media channels, thereby setting up unique tracking links for each resource separately. Your personal affiliate program manager will always be happy to help add or remove an additional resource or channel.

Each new site you add to the Bravoline Affiliate Program will be reviewed by us separately. Each of your portal should match Bravoline content. Sites targeted at people under the age of 18 are prohibited, and sites involved in prohibited activities will not have access to our Affiliate Program.

Yes you can. Please contact us via affiliates@bravoline.com and describe your way of working. We will be glad to all kinds of productive and mutually beneficial cooperation. We will consider your plan and offer the most convenient model of cooperation for you and related promotional materials.

You will receive a commission for the players you attract as long as they are active on our sites. This is the so-called Life Commission.

When registering with Bravoline, you are assigned a unique Partner number (ID - tracking code), which will be contained in all the text links and banners available to you. When a player clicks on a banner or link on your portal, cookies with your tracking code are stored on his computer / tablet / mobile device. After he registers, he is "attached" to you forever. In the future, any player's actions on our sites will be displayed with your code and you will have a constant income from all his actions.

There is no minimum weekly payout. Upon request, we can pay any amount accumulated in the account.

If you have other questions not listed below, as well as comments or suggestions, please contact us by email affiliates@bravoline.com or leave your message in the Contact form on the website.